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Saturday, June 19, 2010


In the poem lower down on the list, Dora , Roger and the twins live unconventionally. In fact, some folks might think they are odd. But they do not hurt anyone, and they are not hurting themselves. That's a good thing!

It is important for all human beings to define themselves. In this poem, Boe Jimminy Blig chooses how he wants to live. A baboon thinks he is 'nuts' because Boe is so unconventional. Boe teaches the baboon a thing or two.

To read the poem,CLICK.

This poem is written in the limerick style. A limerick has 5 lines, and the poem about Boe is longer. Limericks are extremely difficult to write because the rhythm is so often ' off.' But they are a lot of fun...To find out what a limerick is--CLICK.
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