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Friday, September 17, 2010

Pat's Cat and Cat's Pat: An Emergent Reader Story

The Emergent story is designed for the child to read to him or herself. Many publishers produce these books on 4 levels.

Emergent stories are different from regular picture books. While picture books
have a reading level that can be as high as second or third grade level and are generally read by adults to children, emergent stories are written very
easy-to-read ,depending upon the level. It is important to pay attention, not only to "word count" but "words used." Words introduced should be repeated often through the story, especially on Level 1. Rhyming words are helpful, though the stories should not be in rhyme unless the story is written on a more advanced level. Rhyming stories would require too many "new words."

Pat's Cat and Cat's Pat is a simple Level 1 story about a little girl and her pet.
It is written as a simple "chapter book." I like chapter divisions even in the easiest of stories. It breaks down the story for comprehension checks and review of vocabulary.

Click to read the level 1 version.

An easier version is at:


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