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Friday, August 17, 2012


One morning, few years ago, I woke up with an idea. I decided to write stories which included all the elements I know small children love. So, what do they love??

1. They enjoy stories in a series-- Children identify with characters and grow to love them. They enjoy reading about the same
characters in different adventures.

2. They love nonsense--the sillier the better. Nothing better than a cow laying eggs, and chickens giving milk......

3. They love nonsense talk.

4. They love a bit of adventure.


SO.... I created the Willy-Silly series... consisting of 10 stories. In the first story,  the WillyNilly royal children (Prince Jay, Princess Fay, and Princess Kay) travel to SillyDilly Land where they meet Princess Peek-a-boo who takes them on a tour of her kingdom. The children see things which look very strange to them. Of course, none of it is strange to the people who live in SillyDilly Land. The underlying theme of these stories is tolerance.

Click  here for the Willy-Silly Menu

The theme song for the entire series, and especially story #1 is entitled:
"It's Not Strange to Me." music and lyrics, by Suzie-Jean (Susan Maskin),arranged and performed by Bernie Katzman.

The Song

The Music

Improvisation, by Bernie Katzman

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