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Friday, May 28, 2010

An Axpelliment in Neuronkapit

I am not scientist in any field. However, I decided one day to write a wonderful neurology article anyway. When you read it, please take notes. However, do not count on learning much because of one problem: IT'S COMPLETE NONSENSE. Nevertheless, it sounds very very.....what should I say??? Actually, I don't know what to say!

BTW-- If you are having trouble with some of the words, do not bother to consult a dictionary. I made up many of the words, and those that could be found in an unabridged dictionary are misused.

This "article" appears in my Dzitzel collection (see the posting of January 23, 2010)as part of a book "written" by one of the citizens of the Queendom of Dzitzel, the very erudite and expert, Dr. Knowmuchmorethan Youknow.

Click for the article

P.S. I am not sure you would want to know what An "Axpelliment in Neuronkapit" means---But if you do...First GUESS!...then click

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