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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Chicken Little Chronicles....again

I already posted the first two in the vocabulary-building
CHICKEN LITTLE CHRONICLES. It is widely known in educational circles that learning vocabulary through written context is the best way to retain the meaning of words. The Chronicles are designed to present difficult vocabulary in a story text. Each vocabulary word links to the definition. Here are all four in the Chronicle series, including the first two stories previously posted, now repeate---(click on each title)

l) Chicken Little's Acorn Fiasco -A retelling of an old English folktale, also known as Henny Penny.

2)Chicken Little Works It Out. An original sequel to the first story in which Chicken Little goes through mood shifts and finally becomes optimistic.

3)Chicken Little On Her Way. Chicken Little goes to Lurkey Manor, home of Turkey Lurkey, to make plans for the party.

4) The Little Lurkey Party. One ridiculous party!!!

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