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Monday, July 19, 2010


When my husband and I were in East Africa, our guide told us a folktale about a silly lion which I retold and have on my website. I used a few Swahili words in the story. (I will post that story on the blog soon.) I decided to make up several more stories and put them together in the JAMBO series. "Jambo" in Swahili means hello.

Buana Kifaru's Big Foot is about Mr. Rhinoceros. Mr. Rhinoceros (Buana Kifaru) was a snob. Everyone in his family was a snob. They thought that big is better than small. I am using the word "was" and "thought" because Buana Kifaru and his family learned an important lesson.

Loving miniatures as I do, I have a lot of respect for small things. Large things too!

CLICK to read the story.

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