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Sunday, July 11, 2010


I started writing rhyming stories in 2003. The second story that I wrote focuses on the problem of "tattling." Children are often given mixed messages... they are told not to tattle , but to tell. Children do not always know the difference and it is important that they be taught.

"Tattling" is telling on someone with the purpose of getting that other person in trouble. What that other person is doing is not dangerous or insulting...not hurtful in anyway. For example,Ellie might say to her teacher, " Mrs. Trent, Cara is not coloring her picture !"If Cara is not doing an assignment, it is the teacher's concern, not Ellie's.

"Telling" is relating something important because it could be hurtful. In the example above, Ellie might say to her teacher, "Mrs. Trent, Cara is throwing not coloring her picture but is throwing the crayons at Lorraine" This is potentially hurtful. Lorraine might be hit in the eye. Lorraine's feelings might be hurt. Other children might start throwing their crayons causing danger and chaos.

In the story, Tattle-Tale-Tillie, Tillie, the tattler learns that tattling is not fun to do at all. The story explains the difference between tattling and telling.

There is a song in the story. It was difficult to use the word tattling, because it could be pronounced two different ways: tatt-ling or tatt-el-ing. However, the message comes across.

CLICK for the story.

CLICK to hear the song about Tillie

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